5 useful tips to help reduce petrol costs

20 June 2022 | 3 Min Read

Since January, soaring petrol prices have caused absolute chaos amongst drivers, an event that hasn't required media coverage for any of us to notice the effects. most of us will have had that moment at the pumps where we honestly cannot believe how much we are about to fork out for some fuel.


Unfortunately, many of us depend on fuel to make a living, whether that be to commute to a place of work or actually carry out work. Many lines of work have actually seen this directly affect their bottom line and in some extreme cases have made it uneconomical to continue working.


We've put together a list of tips that can be used to help spread the cost of fuel a little bit further:


1.  Improve your driving technique

It's not always entirely possible but an easy way to squeeze more mileage out of your car is to drive in a more considerate fashion. 


Start to think about things such as avoiding heavy breaking, getting up to speed in a nice smooth progressive manner, and driving at 60mph instead of 70mph, or better yet 50mph if time allows and it's safe to do so. Driving at 50mph saves roughly 15% more fuel. 


2. Get rid of excess weight

No, I'm talking about finally getting back into the gym, though canceling that unused membership can go some way to helping fuel costs 👀.


Rather, think about things like emptying out any heavy things you may have in your boot, or perhaps car seats and roof racks that are seldom used anymore. Every 25kg of extra weight in your car will increase fuel consumption by 1%.


3. Check your tyre pressure 

Checking your tyre pressure is something we should all be doing regularly to keep us safe on the roads, though this isn't the only reason. Keeping our tyres at the correct pressure can help to reduce fuel consumption by as much as 10%!


4. Turn to alternative forms of travel

Many of us use cars daily for shorter trips, as we all know shorter trips equal worse fuel economy, many people have started looking at alternative forms of travel and ditching their cars altogether. 


There are many options available in today's modern world, from e-bikes to electric scooters and even full-on electric cars (they aren't all as expensive as Tesla's). Not only are these alternative methods much cheaper on fuel bills, but they are also better for the environment over a longer period of time.


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5. Shop around for cheaper petrol

At the end of the day, for some of us driving is an absolute necessity. Fortunately, we now all have technology coming out of our pockets, literally! Take a look at this clever app that allows you to check for the cheapest petrol pumps in your area. 

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