Are electric scooters legal - 2022

11 October 2022 | 3 Min Read

Over the past few years, we've seen a massive increase in people owning and using electric scooters. If you live in a city then it's likely you'll have seen them around, they're trendy! It's not difficult to see why their popularity has exploded, they're convenient, easy to use, fun, low-cost, and relatively cheap.


Whatever the reason might be, you're probably here because you're considering purchasing a scooter and are interested in learning more about the laws surrounding them.


This article aims to arm you with everything you need to know about the laws and regulations surrounding their usage, helping to keep you safe and out of trouble.


So, are electric scooters legal?

Well, the answer to that question depends largely on where you live. The laws surrounding each country's approach to e-scooters are changing and evolving rapidly, so it's worth doing a quick search for your local laws. Even if your country doesn't yet allow privately owned e-scooters to roam the streets, you should still be able to pick one up and use it on private land… then when the law inevitably changes you'll be ready to roll.


United States - Mostly Legal

The current situation in the US at least is that most states have legalised their usage. Though, depending on your state the laws will differ slightly, so please check local regulations before your first outing. Take a look at this handy guide for more info on the US laws, including a list of states where E-scooters are street legal (around 38).


United Kingdom - Not Quite

As of today, October 2022, the situation in the UK is still slightly behind the US. While E-scooters are legal to buy and own in the UK (if you are over the age of 18) you still can't legally ride privately owned scooters on the streets or sidewalks. But wait, you're probably wondering why you've seen so many people whizzing around on them if there currently illegal. The UK government is running a trial period where trial-sanctioned approved scooter schemes are allowed to operate in select cities across the country. Outside of this, anyone caught riding a privately owned scooter on UK roads, including pavements, could face charges and fines. 


The outcome of the trial should be revealed in 2023, we certainly have our fingers crossed 🤞





Do road rules apply to electric scooters?

The easy answer to this is YES! Even if you live in a country where the rules aren't yet fully established, you should always adhere to basis road rules, similar to the common sense you would apply on a bicycle. While no real safety requirements have been established, we believe that wearing a helmet is the bare minimum for keeping out of serious trouble if you happen to get into an accident.


Okay, so what are my options?

If you live in the UK or other countries where E-scooters aren't yet fully legal, you may be able to purchase and use an E-bike instead. Though, much like E-scooters laws, the exact rules are country specific. For example, in the UK you can only ride pedal-assisted E-bikes. No such law exists in the US… for the most part.

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