Ecosia – The search engine that plants trees

17 August 2022 | 2 Min Read

You’re probably wondering what on earth the title of the article is talking about, we were certainly confused when we first stumbled upon ‘Ecosia’.

So what is Ecosia?

It’s a search engine! But with a twist, helping to save our trees.


It’s simple, you search the web with Ecosia, search ads generate income for Ecosia, they then use that income to plant new trees. Pretty cool right?


Ecosia knows it’s a relatively hard sell to encourage people to switch from the good old Google standard. To help make the transition a bit easier and less jarring, they appear to have made a conscious decision to keep the UI very Google-like, take a look for yourself:





 Why should you switch?

One word. Deforestation. The process of destroying/removing trees through mostly deliberate means. It can occur in any area which is typically densely populated by trees. One of the major problem zones for this at the moment is the Amazon rainforest.


Deforestation is the root cause of several environmental problems we face today, from loss of habitats and increased greenhouse gases to soil erosion and flooding.


We love what Ecosia has set out to achieve, not only have they made this pledge to plant trees with their profits, but they are also being proactive in their approach. They have a dedicated team of experts to ensure their reforestation plans go smoothly and result in successful re-plantation. Planting trees isn’t as simple as it seems. Ecosia ensures newly planted trees are monitored using satellite technology and in-person field visits, as well as working closely with local communities.


 How to use Ecosia

Well, it's super simple! In fact, it’s just as easy as using Google. You can either visit them directly at their website and start searching like you normally would. Or to make life even easier they have a Google Chrome extension:






Just press the ‘Add to Chrome' button and let it install (You will need to be using the Google Chrome browser for the extension to work). Once installed, it will change your default search engine to used Ecosia when you open a new tab. Take a look:




Why we love Ecosia

From what we’ve seen in the community at large, they are doing a fantastic job. Just take a look at the number above, that’s a lot of trees they’ve managed to plant since starting in 2009.


What’s more, is the fact that they are a certified B-corporation company. Not sure what that means? Take a look at our article explaining the certificate and concept.


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