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How to charge a Tesla

31 July 2022 | 2 Min Read

Apprehension around moving from combustion engine cars to electric is a very real issue, with many citing that the idea of charging up being a key issue! Tesla are the current front-runner in the industry for electric vehicles, so today we’re going to do a step by step guide to charging up a Tesla. If you’re looking at other electric car models, the process is likely to be very similar! 

1. Unlock your Tesla

To get started, make sure your Tesla is unlocked. You can do this either via your keycard or the app. You can’t begin charging a Tesla while it’s locked, but you can lock it once you’ve begun charging. This means people can’t pull the charger cable out during charging either! 

2. Find the charging port

This is located at the rear left side of the vehicle (at the time of writing), and can be opened inside the cockpit, or by pressing the port in (as shown). It will pop up and present the charging port itself.


Find charger port.jpg

3. Connect the charging cable to the port

Take the charging cable whilst pressing the highlighted button at the top of the connector. Insert the cable into the charging port. Once it’s firmly placed in, let go and observe the flashing Tesla logo next to the charging port. 


connecting tesla charger cable to port.jpg


4. Ensure it’s properly connected

You’ll notice it flashes blue for a couple of seconds before going green if it’s correctly connected! If it continues flashing blue, or turns orange, retry connecting the cable.


Connect tesla charger.jpg

5. You’re now charging! 

From this point, you can now see the charging status on the interior screen, but also on the app. You should see a battery percentage, range, and timeframe for charging! You can now go about your day while your Tesla charges up ready for use! 


charging status tesla.jpg


Got any other questions about charging up? Tesla has some very handy tips and guides on their website -


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