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Sukin Skincare Review

14 October 2022 | 5 Min Read

The beauty and skincare industry has had a dirty past, but the world of sustainable, cruelty-free, and vegan-friendly beauty is here, and in a big way! Sukin are just one of the great brands bringing better products for the planet to the market. We brought in our in-house wellness and skincare expert to try their products out.

Who are Sukin?

 Founded in 2007, Sukin has been driven to ‘clean up’ people’s skincare routines and wellness habits from day 1. They knew how many unethical practices and products were involved in the beauty industry, and change has been their mission ever since. They have a full FAQ and profile on their website.

Sukin are global!

If you're in the USA, UK, Australia, Canada, or one of many other nations, Sukin is available!

What products did we try?

Take a look at the Sukin products we tried. (Some alternatives shown).

Why these products? 

When you visit Sukin’s website and explore their product range, you may also come across their quizzes to help guide you to a regime that fits your specific needs. Let’s take our experts' example. She was asked:   


What type of skin do you have? - Combination 

What is your primary skin concern? - Dullness 

What is your secondary skin concern? - Ageing 

Select your age range - Under 30   


She also got a further 20% off of her first order when she completed the quiz, so make sure you check it out!    


So once she’d completed her quiz, she was presented with the products that best fit her needs and goals for her skincare routine. Pretty nifty, right? She was also suggested a facemask, but she chose not to purchase that for the case of a full 30-day and consistent routine. 


Initial thoughts 

Everything arrived in a couple of days in nicely branded packaging. But she wasn’t here to just look at the products - the real test was trying them out.    


“The moisturiser is a must have product for any skincare routine. The only initial criticism I had was the smell of moisturiser. It’s not quite the perfumed or traditionally clean smell that most of us may be used to, but that’s just a small part of the entire program. I’d imagine it’s down to a more natural ingredient profile anyway, so I guess it’s all in the name of progress. Otherwise, the products felt good and had a great texture, and overall I was very happy with my purchase.”


Sukin skincare review.webp

Impressions after 7 days

Our expert’s first impressions were pretty positive, and we decided to check in a week later. Why then? Our expert explains.   


“For me and many others, the first week of a new skincare routine is when you can expect to see breakouts and issues with your skin. This is fairly normal, but with Sukin I didn’t experience any blemishes, spots, or signs of imperfections at all! This was really impressive to me, as oftentimes the bigger name brands have given me some issues in the past if I decided to change things in my routine.”   


So her skin looks great, but how have a few days with the products been? Any consistent findings of the good or bad kind?   


“I was completely used to the earlier odour reservation I had with the moisturiser by this point, and the other products were working their magic. It was still early doors at that point, but it’s a testament to the quality of the products that the 7-day mark hasn’t proven to be an issue at all. Impressive!” 


Our expert suggested that we make this a 30-day review, but why is that?


“Most skincare routines will show their true value at the month mark, and most likely any issues in the first week. For anybody considering a change in their skincare routine, give that first week a go, and continue with a product range for the following few weeks unless it causes major discomfort or severe reactions. A general rule of thumb would be to consider a change of skincare routine every 6 to 12 months.”


Day 30 - Final Thoughts

“I’ve loved using Sukin and would happily recommend it to my friends and fellow beauty professionals. As somebody who works in a quite oily environment, the products actually helped reduce the usual negative oily feel on my face, and Sukin performed well in my day-to-day life.”   


“When I put some makeup on at the weekends Sukin’s cleanser did really well on makeup removal. But remember, always do a double cleanse to ensure you remove everything and have a really clean face.” 

Did Sukin improve your skin? 

  “Without boasting, my skin was already very good before starting, however, my eyes were definitely brighter (a goal I had) and alleviated any tired looks I may have had in the past. As I mentioned earlier, working in an oily environment is a tough challenge for any skincare routine to manage, but Sukin held up well!”   

How does this stack up compared to other brands?

“First of all, I’ve been using a premium brand that many Spas in the UK use. For a comparable regime, it would cost me £164 to buy it all. With Sukin, I only spent £57! Do bear in mind that there was an introductory 20% off. Still, that’s a massive difference to your bank account if you’re considering a continuous skincare routine.”

What did you love?

  • The price
  • Skincare quiz
  • Packaging
  • Feel of products
  • The sustainability of the brand (obviously!)

What could be improved?

  • Moisturiser smell - used to a more perfumed scent
  • 98.4% natural products - could this be improved? 

What would you recommend?

“I’d recommend taking their skincare quiz to get the tailored products you need for your goals. If you’re ever unsure of your skin type, maybe ask a local beautician or friend you trust for an analysis. I was incredibly pleased with the product line I was suggested and would advocate using Sukin to anybody else looking for a new skincare option.”

Are you a sustainable subject expert?

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