What is B Corp?

7 August 2022 | 3 Min Read

Businesses of late have constantly bandied around the term ‘sustainable’ and ‘ethical’ in their marketing materials and missions. But is there a certificate to validate this? Can we be sure a company isn't just green-washing their products and brand? Who can provide a solution to this? Welcome to B Corp! 

So what exactly is a B Corp business? B Corp certification requires a deep dive into the sustainable practices of a business, and what steps they’re taking to continuously improve. It’s not just the environmental impact that most think of, businesses also need to prove that they care for their employees and stakeholders. Some would call it a corporate type Fair Trade stamp of approval. They describe it as:

“Certified B Corporations are leaders in the global movement for an inclusive, equitable, and regenerative economy.”

So how does that get broken down? Quite simply; and we’ll take you through the key things corporations need to comply with.

High social and environmental performance

Businesses need to get a score of 80 or higher to get certified in the first place, and the work to prove you score high enough is very rigorous! If you’re a multinational, you’ll need to meet certain benchmarks across the globe, so if you’re thinking of applying, make sure you’re thinking big! 


Make a legal commitment

If you’re going for that shiny B Corp status, you’ll need to change your corporate governance to benefit all stakeholders. This can be a change of employment terms, environmental or social charter, or a matter of others things to show you care about more than just profit. Your accountant has probably told you about the triple bottom line at some stage! 


This sounds simple, but many business greenwash or keep certain practices undercover. When you’re a certified B Corp, you have to publicly display your performance compared to other organisations. This isn’t just financials, this will delve into the sustainability and environmental impact of your corporation. There’s really no hiding, especially when it comes to very unethical practices that we see in some industries, like fast fashion. 


This sounds fairly easy, right? Well, it takes a lot of work to get that passing score! Looking into your own business practices, those of your suppliers, and how you can do better will take a lot of time and patience. If you can commit the time and effort to it, you can get it done! The worst case scenario is you begin to understand how to improve your business. Find your weak points, and go from there.

So why do we at Sustainabuyer like this new way of doing business? Simple really. You can now follow and know what businesses really do the best for the planet and its people. Other stands like FairTrade are brilliant too! B Corp just seems to cover the whole remit of what we’re all about. 

Interested in becoming B Corp yourself? Go to their website today and get started! https://www.bcorporation.net/en-us/ 

To put it simply, a B Corp helps stamp and verify a company is good for its stakeholders, internally and externally, but also doing the best it can for the planet. So make sure you keep an eye out for it, and maybe drop it into conversation with your boss 👀

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