Where can I donate to plant trees?

27 July 2022 | 2 Min Read

We’re all trying to do our bit for the planet, and the simplest and most cost-effective way for most of us is via planting trees. Trees are one of nature and science’s greatest carbon capture methods possible, and taking more CO2 out of the atmosphere, and creating more green matter is only a good thing for the planet


Many of us live in flats, apartments or houses with small gardens, so practically planting trees can be a challenge, or impossible! So how can we do our bit by planting trees away from home?


“One dollar, One Tree, One Planet” is a pretty good catchphrase if you ask us! With the function of donating directly the plant trees or starting fundraisers for a cause on their site, it’s a great site to get trees planted, but also raise awareness to your closer network to make a difference. 


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International Tree Foundation

The team based across the UK and Africa have a simple goal for their centenary year - 100 trees planted in 100 countries. I’m sure our community can make a difference! 

As the oldest international tree planting organisation, the International Tree Foundation provides great reports on their impact and work too, so you can always keep up to date with the latest from the team, and the difference you’re making. 

Trees for the Future

With a massive amount of impact made in the past 30+ years by Trees for the Future, there are very few other establishments that have such a large-scale profile of doing good for the world, especially with trees! They’re nearing 1 tree per person in America!


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Trillion Tree Campaign

Trillion Tree Campaign is a great platform to raise funds for planting trees and seeing the impact that’s being made across the world. That even includes the negative impact of deforestation. Visit their site and use the visualization tools on the map - you’ll be blown away by the scale of what’s going on around the world. Remember: there used to be 6 trillion trees on planet earth! 

Trees for Cities

Where does a lot of pollution happen? That’s right, cities. Getting more trees into cities can help offset emissions, but also provide shade and cooling to the surfaces we walk on! Trees act as natural air conditioning, homes for animals, and most importantly, give us more of that vital Oxygen we need to survive! 


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Ecosia – The search engine that plants trees

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Ecosia – The search engine that plants trees

Collectively, we search Google around 5.6 billion times per day, that's an awful lot. Why not switch to Ecosia and help save some trees at the same time?
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