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Who are the renewable energy suppliers in the UK?

19 August 2022 | 3 Min Read

Where does our energy come from?

Sitting at home with the TV, lights, and devices on, it’s easy to forget where our electricity comes from. So when it comes to choosing your energy provider, how much do you think about their practices and environmental impact? We’d hazard a guess to say most of us don’t think about the ratio of gas burning to wind energy for our homes. 

In the past year or so, many energy providers went out of business due to the massive squeeze in the energy markets. There’s been a perfect storm of bad news for the average consumer regarding energy prices. 


Is there a solution?

Fret not, as renewable energy does exist, and many of the other names are looking to increase their renewable energy sources over the coming years (we’d like them to hurry up). Recent papers also suggest the world can sustain its energy needs on renewable energy by 2050, so there is hope for a truly green energy future! So what counts as renewable energy? At this moment in time, we can make the most of wind, solar, and hydropower. 

 But, there are still providers out there who are providing cleaner energy to homes and businesses in the UK. 

 (You may want to make yourself a hot drink for reading this ☕ 👀)





Our favourite clean energy providers in the UK:

Octopus Energy


They’re one of the big names and were actually a large benefactor in the loss of other energy providers in the UK in recent years. With £3.4 billion worth of energy production that can power 2 million homes, it’s no wonder they’re a growing name too.


Good Energy


A smaller but growing name, Good Energy is also on a path to making itself more sustainable. They have a company culture of trying to reduce emissions and wastage from their offices and people - we can get behind this ethical approach! Sustainable energy isn’t just about producing clean energy, but also our efforts to reduce energy usage and waste in particular. 

Ebico Energy


‘Affordable and sustainable warmth for all. Sustainability is our thing, so we’re fans already. What makes them unique is a proactive attitude to backing startups in sustainable energy tech and solutions. The future of sustainable energy comes from scaling current solutions, but also extensive research into future means to create clean energy. They’re also committed to a Net Zero future, so what’s not to like?

OVO Energy


Switch gas for renewable is the twist OVO are going for, and we like it! Have you seen the stories of the parabolic energy prices of gas in Europe in particular? A long-established and green name, they’re also on a mission to plant trees with every sign-up, and are fast approaching 2 million trees! 


You can sign up here:

Co-Op Energy


Okay, they may not necessarily count as they get their supply from Octopus, but we think it’s really interesting that a high-street name that we all know is also providing energy. If you’re a Co-Op member, you may be more tempted to give them a go! 

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